Environmental, Social & Governance Report

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of service while focusing on the safety of our crew and the protection of the environment

Our Mission Statement

Danaos seeks to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective seaborne container transportation and remain the premier choice among containership owners and create value for all our stakeholders. To meet this goal, we continuously make substantial investments in operational technical and financial infrastructure while striving or sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our Vision – Our Values

We implement the highest standards of efficiency, safety, and reliability by:

  • Enhancing the training of our personnel ashore and on-board.
  •  Integrating fully the vessels in the organization.
  • Actively participating and leading research & development projects.
  • Promoting company culture and bonding on all personnel on board.
  • Seeking growth by our strong comparative advantages to become the leader in our sector.

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Message from the Company’s Management

We need a common vision for truly sustainable future.

The truly value-generating enterprise is one from which everyone can benefit. This is about responsible long-term management: what we used to call simple “good business”.

We believe that the purpose of business is to solve the problems of people and planet profitably, and not profit from causing problems.

Concretely, business should seek rapid progress on reducing their carbon emissions and extricating themselves from the economy of disposable consumption. Consumers are already crying out for more environmental alternatives. Smart companies will not be left behind by this trend.

However, our mission is to provide efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation of consumers goods, it is therefore necessary to carefully balance between reducing carbon emissions and maintain efficient transportation of consumers’ goods.

Finally, the business community should welcome sensible regulation to stimulate healthy competition. Even the invisible hand sometimes needs a nudge from an Editor.

We, being Corporate leaders should now face the requirements of sustainable growth and create value for all, shareholders, employees, and the society.

The Management Team of Danaos Shipping

Sustainability Practices

Danaos Shipping recognizes the importance of our stakeholders and it is a priority for us to fulfil their needs and concerns, through our strategy, initiatives and goals.


Our goal is to offer optimal sustainable transport solutions to our customers, solutions that are compliant with all the global trends and meet present and future requirements


Health, safety and training of our people are in the core of our business. We take all necessary measures and resources in order to protect our employees and crew, as well as our operations and vessels, in cases of emergency.


We are committed to ethical behavior and values. Amongst our first priorities is to establish a corporate and working culture that enhances the value of ethics and promotes individual responsibility.

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